November Notes

So here we are.  November.  Fall has surely arrived now, with all of it's colorful festivities.  We've had football games, chili cook-offs and of course, Halloween...which we are still recovering from. 

For many people, this is the absolute best time of year.  For me, November first always marks the beginning of that frenzied, exhausting two month long time warp known collectively as "The Holidays".  


Many people thrive on this energy.  You've seen them, caroling to themselves in the supermarket and bragging about not only having their shopping done but having everything wrapped.  All that's left for them to do is host an elegant dinner party for fifty of their closest friends!  For the rest of us...not so much.  

Yes, there is definitely a lot of fun to be had this time of year, especially if kids are involved.  But if you are tasked with being the "Magic Maker", things can get a bit dicey.  

One of my favorite aspects of season is spending time with friends & family, reflecting on another year of fun memories.  My second favorite is the thrill of finding the perfect gift for someone on my list. Here at the studio, we have found ways to help you enjoy both of these. Spend time with your favorite people while creating beautiful, handmade gifts

For starters, Cricket in a Box Holiday edition is now available.  This beautiful, exclusive design comes in a kit with everything you need to host a 4 person craft party at home. $149 gets you all the supplies and detailed instructions so you and some friends can kick back for a fun night night in.

If you prefer to leave us with the clean up, come to the studio. Bring your husband, kids, sister or mother to our "Family Night" on November 20th or bring the younger crowd to "Teen and Tween night" on December 7th. Drop the little ones off for "Kid's Nite Out" on November 17th or December 8th.  And, this year we have a special series to enjoy with friends  - "Handmade Holiday Fridays".  We are partnering with Raye of Light Studio for this 4 week series beginning November 10th.  Spend Friday mornings with us and enjoy a different project each week.  You can sign up for just the ones you like or all four.  

As always, you can bring wine and snacks to make it more festive.  We guarantee a fun relaxing time away from all the chaos (or blessings, depending on your point of view) of the season.