Handmade For the Holidays


We are really in the thick of it now.  How are you holding up? Did all that turkey and family time leave you exhausted or ready for more?  Hopefully, in all the madness, you are managing to create some meaningful quality time with family and friends this season.

At the studio, we hosted our first ever family night on November 20th.  It was wonderful to see everyone enjoying a relaxed evening, creating beautiful projects (and memories) with those they care about.

For the Cricket Studio team, we are planning a fun holiday craft party which is sure to be a blast.  Pictures will be posted on the facebook page, you can count on it.  

For you, we have plenty of festive events still to come this year.  Whether you prefer morning, afternoon or evening, we have a workshop for you in December. And if you just can't brave that December air, you can host your own craft party at home with Cricket in a Box.  So grab your daughter, sister, mom or friend and create a beautiful holiday memory.  That's the spirit of the season.  

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