Life is Better in Flip Flops


This is one of my fave pics from last summer and just looking at it has me so excited for more! 

Spring was a huge transition period for me professionally and, because they're really one and the same, personally.  People have asked why I closed the studio, stopped doing workshops and moved my business back home.  To me, the answer is complicated and I could tell you a million reasons for all of it but honestly, it's right here in this photo.  

There is a post making the rounds on social media recently with the theme of "you have 18 summers with your children".  Well guess what you guys?  I have four left!!  Just four more summers with the big guy in this photo and I know how I want to spend them.  

So I have totally been enjoying these past several weeks.  Many custom orders have come in and I've had a chance to work on some really fun projects.  Cricket in a Box and custom stencil orders are keeping me busy too, along with creating inventory for the stores that carry my signs.  And this summer I will do camp in Severna Park which I am very much looking forward to.  Because I have a limited number of summers with those kids too and I want to make the most of it! 

This is the fifth season for Cricket Camp and our second location change.  But things get better every year as I have new and returning campers and try to predict what the favorite projects will be!  I am ready to go this year with painted t-shirts, summer snow globes, canvas projects, clay and more.  

If you have camp aged kids looking for fun July 10th - 12th, you can find all the details here

Whether you are a parent counting down the remaining summers or just getting started...or maybe long finished or not even thinking about it or content with fur babies...I hope you enjoy the heck out of this summer.  The long days and warm temps never stick around as long as I would like and I plan to soak it up this year.