What is "BYOB?"

Bring-Your-Own-Beer . . . or wine, or snacks or coffee! 


What supplies do we need for a class?

None! We supply all the supplies you need for a successful craft.


How long are your workshop classes?

Most are 3-hours long.


What should we wear for your workshops?

Our paint is permanent and most workshops are messy! Wear clothes that can get dirty--and definitely no white blouses.


Where are you located and where should we park?

Our studio is located in Gallery 3976 on 1818 Margaret Avenue in the Annapolis Design District. There is a small parking lot attached to the Gallery, as well as plenty of street parking.


Can those under 18 years old attend?

Of course! Though we offer workshops exclusively for teens and kids, your child is welcome to attend any of our workshops with you. You know your child best and whether a workshop event is something they will enjoy!


Do you host private or corporate events?

We do! Contact us directly to setup your private event, which we offer for groups of 6 or more.


What if I'm not very artistic or creative?

That's what we're here for! No matter your level of artistic talent, we offer something for everyone. Through both our workshops and Cricket In A Box, we provide all the details and support you need to create your own masterpiece and something you'll love!


What can we expect in a workshop?

A typical workshop begins with building your sign. You can expect to sand, stain, assemble and stencil your design, and of course paint it too!


Do we need to pick our design prior to class?

Nope! When you register you will select the size of the product or type of material you will work with, pending availability and options for that class. Otherwise, all creative decisions will be made during class.